Thierry Colson has always been fascinated by Britain & Britishness: “I immediately felt like a British boy” he often likes to say.

Individualism, eccentricity, Gothic & romantic literature, Elizabethan esthetics, English 18th century fashions, Gainsborough, Joshua Reynolds, English countryside, English gardens became a constant obsession & have always been part of Thierry Colson brand’s inspiration …

One day in Greece, Thierry met a talented photographer Billal Taright & the beautiful Blanche Howard who was perfectly matching his obsession with Ginger British beauties.

Since they have been working together once on a summer lookbook in Patmos and today they offer a beautiful new collaboration for Fall 2022.

“Delightful Blanche offered me to visit her once in Castle Howard, it suddenly resonated in my mind, that is where I wanted to capture our Fall 2022 collection.
Blanche & Billal accepted immediately and it went beyond my expectations, my dream came true.”

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