Fall 2022, Embroidered corduroy: all the floral patterns are placed individually on each piece.

The designer’s will was to make each garment even more unique & sophisticated, and so we didn’t use the "mirror" effect which creates asymetrical repetitions.

The color have been chosen very carefully. Note on the navy background two different tones of reds have been used: Vermilion & raspberry reds to give more relief to the embroidery. 

Black on cream is always a winner, then cord & purple wool threads create a warmer cosy harmony on the burnt orange background. 

It may remind you of Elizabethean & Jacobean patterns which are darling references to the designer.

Shot in Castle Howard on the beautiful Blanche Howard. Using venetian velvet Mary Janes shoes from Vibi Venezia to complete the look to create  a perfect modern Elizabethean look.

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