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Spring Summer 2024 collection is based on different themes:

1 - The "Parrot Print" is inspired by the work of Matisse. Thierry tells: “I read a book on Matisse whom I always loved the Joy of life paintings and bold colors. I discovered Matisse acquired a considerable collection of exotic birds in his south of France workshop. I suddenly imagine a summer 2024 hand block printed pattern with parrots and leaves as a tribute to this anecdote.”

2 - "Archaic Embroidery": Thierry tells: "I decided to name “Archaic” the spring-summer 2024 hand-embroidery on pure linen, due to my imagination and for the images that came up in my mind referring to Mesopotamia Ancient Greece or Egypt, using mainly geometric patterns combined with a pointy thistle flower.
For this reason, I used simple color backgrounds referring to this vanished Mediterranean world."

3 -"Samarkand Stripes": Thierry tells: "I read a book on Matisse and quite at the same time, I visited a wonderful exhibition about Samarkand at “Institut du monde Arabe” in Paris. The Matisse book was mentioning a portrait of the Princess Galitzine.
I suddenly went online to look for it. On the painting the beautiful Princess was wearing a kind of robe covered with stripes; almost the same ones as the ones seen at the Samarkand exhibition. Instinctively, I felt excited and decided to order to our poplin supplier in Italy exclusive stripes with our own proportions and own combination of colors. It came out wonderfully.

4 - "Matisse Plain Poplin": directly inspired by the vibrant and bold colors of the Matisse Palette, the plain poplin dresses, skirts and blouses will enchant your summer days.

5 - "Chanderi Stripes":
“The Chanderi stripes have been woven as an exclusive for our Brand.
Chanderi is originally a city in India where the fabric is named from.
Mostly used for summer sarees, its graceful drape partly due to its mix of cotton and silk has always been appealing to me.
We played with two harmonies: Pink which is referring to the dawn of a summer day and the Lavender which is one of my favorite colors.”

6 - "Khadi Voile Lucknow":
The cotton voile named “khadi” is hand-loomed and related to Mahatma Gandhi philosophy.
The hand-loom process gives an incredible soft touch to this fabric.
We selected from this group a pajama set called “Albertine” referring to Marcel Proust ‘s Character.