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The encounter between the fashion designer Thierry Colson and the artist Sacha Floch Poliakoff owes its origin to a watercolour. Using skilfully detailed pastel colours, Sacha depicted an ageless landscape where an ancient temple, an obelisk and the statue of a woman stand side by side amongst cypress trees and umbrella pines. This creation appealed to Thierry Colson, who immediately perceived a resonance between his own inspirations and those of Sacha. It was the starting point of the story of their friendship, a bond consecrated between the timeless elegance of the Left Bank and the delicate sophistication of the Right Bank.

Their love of fine detail, of noble materials and of cherished, gentle evocations of childhood worlds and dreams, brought together naturally these two artists. What's more, their travels and taste for elsewhere are the guiding principles of this collaboration. Sacha Floch Poliakoff's Russian and English origins merge with Thierry Colson's love of Greece, Italy, India and England to create an explosive mix that determines their joint creations, both in their choice of medium and also their motifs.

On a silk scarf, using a skilful juxtaposition of objects, colours and patterns, a palette rubs shoulders with a pair of scissors, a porcelain saucer rests delicately on a playing card. On the pink and white toile de Jouy, also known as Indian canvas, a multitude of dreamy landscapes are pictured, reminiscent not only of Scotland, but also Denmark, Greece and Italy.

Anne-Toscane Viudes