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Pre Spring 2024 collection is based on different themes: 

1 - The Provencal Mignardisestheme takes its name from the traditional small print patterns called “Mignardises” in Provence. Printed either on linen to get this look even more or on cotton voile for its softness, this group is playing on four harmonies where the facing inside the garments is bringing an opposite color.

“To give a more antic look we decided to print the background with one more block which gives an imperfect and artistic sensitive look.” said Thierry Colson.

2 - The Boutis Theme is named by the traditional Provencal technic of quilting, for instance mostly seen as bedcovers, but exquisitely used in 18thcentury Petticoats, caracos and even corsets. Mainly following floral or vegetal patterns.

Using machine topstitching on a soft cotton silk fabric in an abstract and unpredictable pattern which makes each piece unique. Only Arabella jacket and Riviera skirt are proposed quilted, all the rest is offered without any quilting.

3 - The Carnation print is a wink to the Provencal 18th century peasant floral patterns especially on a black background. Its naïve childish interpretation recalls slightly the 70°s fashions. Engineered and hand-embroidered into smocking here and there help to give subtle volumes on the silhouette.

4 - Playing with stripes and micro dots, the Caviar Stripesprint is crafted in Japan on a light soft high-quality cotton. We fell in love for its modern hand and fancy colors but also to his late Victorian wink.

5 - "Plain Poplin" For the Pre-Spring 2024, we decided to pick the best quality of cotton poplin; woven in Italy. Its medium weight feel makes it ideal through all seasons. We played a range of four sophisticated special colors including black. The rare Rosewood color is inspired by Velasquez painting, The Blue/Grey was one of the most fashionable color in beloved 18th century. The daffodil yellow speaks about the renewal of nature, an energetic color to dare.